Assisting You With All Your Cash Flow Management Needs

Cash flow is an essential component of your business. While many people assume that cash flow management should be fairly straightforward, keeping on top of your expenses, income, and other fluctuations is actually quite complex. Cathy Kemnitz Consulting is here to assess your cash flow needs and help you implement a workable cash flow management system to support the stable and sustainable growth of your business.


The Importance of a Cash Flow Management Strategy

Financial issues, and unexpected expenses can wreak havoc on the health and success of your business. Without a solid cash flow plan in place, your company may be blindsided by any number of potential issues. Running a business involves a considerable number of expenses, such as paying rent, covering utilities, managing inventory, handling payroll, and carrying insurance. Instead of addressing these aspects as they arise, you should consider enlisting our help to develop a comprehensive cash flow management system that keeps your business running smoothly.

About Our Cash Flow Management Services

At Cathy Kemnitz Consulting, we are committed to putting your needs first. We’re here to assess your current cash flow situation and identify areas of improvement. We know that it may take some time to fully analyze your cash flow needs and goals, but investing in a strategic cash flow management system will save you valuable time, money, and stress in the event of a potential financial issue arising. We provide a wide range of cash flow management services, including:

  • Identifying and quantifying how much cash you have on hand, net of amounts you owe others
  • Calculating the amount of cash you will need in the future
  • Prioritizing your company’s spending
  • Streamlining the receipts process
  • Scheduling and automating payments in synch with available cash

In addition, we provide cash flow forecasting services to help you anticipate and plan for your company’s future cash flow. Having a clear picture of your business’s financial future will give you the clarity and confidence you need to respond to whatever challenges may lie ahead. We encourage you to contact our office to discuss your specific cash flow management goals. 

Cash flow management from your new fractional CFO:

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