Fractional CFO / Virtual CFO Portland

Dream Big, Build Early, Grow Fast, and Sleep Well.

Cathy Kemnitz Consulting offers customized and flexible accounting and financial services to all business sizes across various industries. I work side-by-side with you to solve your business problems and plan for sustainable growth.


As a business owner, CEO, or finance leader, you're under a lot of stress.

From budget concerns to planning for scalable growth, there are plenty of questions that keep you up at night. Sometimes, bringing in an old-school, stuffy financial consultant only makes things worse, as they boss you around and only seem to care about billable hours.

Receiving the support you need doesn’t need to be hard. Working with a dynamic, personable Fractional CFO gives you the flexibility and customized solutions you’re looking for so you can rest easier and sleep better at night.

Benefits of Working With a Fractional CFO

Every business has different challenges and requires specialized attention. A Fractional CFO follows your lead and adapts their approach to suit your style. Together, we’ll tackle any accounting or finance issues and set your business up for smart and scalable growth.

What to Expect


When we first meet, we’ll go over your “why” and your “what.” Why did you call me? What problem or frustration are you experiencing? We will also discuss your goals—what are you hoping to do better or achieve? Once we have identified these elements, we’ll have a good idea of how to proceed.


Next, we’ll take a hard look at whether the issues we’ve identified are, in fact, the core issues or if they are merely symptoms of an underlying problem. Think of this step as peeling back the icky layers of an onion—it may not be pleasant, but we have to see what’s inside.


The core issues will determine the course of our work. At this point, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get dirty with you. We’ll dive into your data, systems, and processes, working with your staff to implement the necessary changes.


Finally, I’ll perform a detailed analysis and documentation of your current situation and prioritize steps to achieve a resolution. We’ll work together to make improvements and address how to manage success moving forward.

Personalized, Dynamic Services

In the business world, relationships are everything. I love connecting with business owners to understand their specific needs and goals so that I can deliver effective and lasting solutions. Together, we’ll identify solutions to address your business needs to support a successful and scalable future.

Experience Matters

I started my career in public accounting and progressed to leadership roles in start-up, hyper-growth, and mature companies (both publicly traded and privately held). Over the course of three decades, I’ve worn many hats and supported all types and sizes of businesses as they improved their accounting processes and scaled for growth.

I'm ready to help you get to the next level. Give me a call, and let's talk!