Portland Business Financial Consultant

Cathy Kemnitz

Providing Energetic Financial Leadership
for Over 30 Years

Cathy Kemnitz Consulting provides creative and effective solutions to traditional accounting and finance issues, all within the confines of rigid accounting rules. My goal is to forge a personal connection with each client, acting more like a teammate than a distant authority figure. I love helping clients from all industries, company sizes, and professional backgrounds, answering your financial questions, and making the process less intimidating for everyone.


My Background

I started my career in public accounting and progressed to leadership roles in start-up, hyper-growth, and mature companies (both publicly traded and privately held). I served as an integral member of executive management teams, implementing strategies and helping to scale future growth in sustainable and robust ways. I’ve also operated as the financial leader alongside CEOs and other corporate leaders to communicate with highly sophisticated boards and investors.

A Personal & Professional Approach

The passion behind Cathy Kemnitz Consulting is my desire to assist small and medium-sized companies in preparing their accounting systems and teams for scalable growth. Accounting departments are often the last to receive resources during the start-up and growth phases, so we have to work together to do more with less. Let me help you sleep at night—leave the GAAP, forecasting, and reporting nightmares on my pillow instead of yours. Get in touch today so we can get the conversation started.
I'm ready to help you get to the next level. Give me a call, and let's talk!