Financial Services for Portland Business


In order to determine what improvements can be made to address your accounting and financial needs, you need to understand what these needs actually are. I will work with you to analyze and identify solutions to address your business needs to build a successful and scalable future.

Assist + Inform

Before you can improve financial operations within your business, you’ll need to gather data and determine what it’s telling you. I partner with business owners to help them understand their current financial and operational health, identifying opportunities for future improvement along the way. Specific services I provide in this capacity include:

  • Senior/Exec level accounting and reporting
  • Staff and management training
  • GAAP clean up and maintenance
  • Internal and external report development
  • Statistical/operational report development
  • Internal and external presentations
  • Reporting packages for investors
  • Reporting packages for executive management
  • Audit or review preparation and readiness
  • Month-end closing, completion, and documentation

Improvements + Solutions

If you’re looking to boost the efficiency and accuracy of your business, I offer several services to help you achieve these goals. I enjoy working with business owners to get a sense of their concerns and identify areas for improvement. Here are some of the concrete ways I can support you and your business:

  • Process and procedure review, analysis, and documentation
  • Process improvement design and implementation
  • Key efficiencies identification
  • 30-60-90 day action plan for implementation of key efficiency drivers
  • Oversight of staff to bring action plan to life
  • On-site project management to drive the action plan
  • Operational and financial auditing
  • Internal control systems assessment, documentation, and testing

Expand + Scale

Those looking to grow their business need to establish a strong, scalable expansion plan. What is manageable at 100 transactions could lead to severe chaos when cranked up to 5,000 transactions. By laying a solid foundation now, you can grow your business in a sustainable and successful way. To support these efforts, I can:

  • Review and assess financial readiness for financing or funding
  • Ensure financial preparedness for due diligence
  • Assist with due diligence documentation and reporting
  • Help with data room management
  • Conduct budgeting and forecasting for financing and funding
  • Perform new business opportunity analysis and planning
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