Think big, build early,

grow fast, sleep well.

(on big fat pillows of cash)

I know what keeps accounting and finance leaders up at night…

  • Is my team ready to answer questions from the auditors?
  • Will my team send me financials before my investor calls to ask?
  • Will the board puke all over my budget?
  • How long can I avoid the CEO until the P&L is finally ready?
  • Are you sure this is the right cap table?
  • What did we forget in the forecast?
  • Which one of these 13 files labeled “FINAL” is actually the final?
  • Why doesn’t our headcount match what HR is telling me?
  • My Magic 8 Ball is giving me the old “reply hazy, try again ”
    — What metrics does the new VP want to track?

Some Accountants go home at night and DON’T dream about budgets or metrics – be that guy…

As a financial leader in companies experiencing not only growth, but “hypergrowth”, I’ve seen what happens when they move fast – infrastructures are fragile, held together by duct tape and twine…they crumble under the weight of any meaningful volume. What is manageable at 100 transactions will cause your team to need a padded room at 5,000.

Let me help you by being your problem detective…we can uncover, document and help you know what you don’t know, so you aren’t staring at the ceiling at 2 am wondering what will bite you in the ass-et tomorrow (accounting humor – you see what I did there?).

Build now – grow confidently

Accounting can’t be a business rate limiter – if you’re going to be nimble, you require timely access to results and metrics, the right moves can’t be made if the data is stale.


Needs analysis

I start with your “why” and your “what”. Why did you call me? What problem or frustration are you experiencing?

Peel back the yucky layers of the onion (no crying)

together we will determine if the issue is actually the issue or a symptom of the real problem.

Roll my sleeves up and get dirty

dig in with you, your staff and your systems to get to the issues or the tasks required.

Analysis & documentation

of current state and proposal of future state. Prioritize steps to resolution, work together to implement change, manage to success.
Services at a Glance

Tailored analysis & solutions for an array of business needs.

Assist + Inform

Timely Data to the Business

  • Senior/Exec level accounting & reporting
  • Staff & Management training
  • GAAP clean up & maintenance
  • Internal & external report development
  • Statistical/Operational report development
  • Presentations – Internal & External
  • Reporting packages for Investors
  • Reporting packages for Exec Mgmt.
  • Audit or Review prep and readiness
  • Month–end closing – completion and documentation

Improvement + Solutions

Add Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Process and procedure review, analysis & documentation
  • Process improvement design & implementation
  • Key efficiencies identification
  • 30-60-90 day action plan for implementation of key efficiency drivers
  • Oversight of staff to bring action plan to life
  • Project management on site to drive action plan
  • Operational and financial auditing
  • Internal control systems assessment, documentation and testing

Expand + Scale

Transaction Prep and Execution

  • Review and assess financial readiness for financing or funding
  • Ensure financial preparedness for due diligence
  • Due diligence documentation and reporting
  • Data room management
  • Budgeting and forecasting for financing and funding
  • New business opportunity analysis & planning
Cathy Kemnitz

An energetic financial leader with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of finance.

My career began in public accounting and progressed to leadership roles in start-up, hyper-growth and mature companies, both publicly traded and privately held. Served as an integral member of executive management teams, implementing strategies, and helping to create scale robust enough to support future growth of companies with complex business models. Operated as the financial leader alongside CEOs and other Corporate leaders to communicate with highly sophisticated Boards and investors.


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